• Bangladesh Girl in Salwar Kameez

    Bangladesh Girl in Salwar Kameez


    A charming doll wearing the traditional salwar kameez that many teenagers in Bangladesh and India wear. Choice of two colours in the outfits- predominantly orange or predominantly blue.


    The dolls have lovely thick plaits. The facial features have been hand painted. A soft doll which is completely safe for children to play with. As each doll is handmade, each one is unique.


    Add play appeal with a complementary boy doll in Pyjama Panjabi outfit! Story of producer group accompanies each doll.


    Measurements of Doll:

    These dolls vary in length between approx. 37 cms and 39 cms.


    Purchased from Artisan Talent, a fair trade organization in Bangladesh. See Producer Partners.

    Producer Partner

    Artisan Talent

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