• Crocodile

    Crocodile Hand Puppet


    The crocodile hand puppet is a great favourite. Children love to see the teeth snapping!! Also a great accompaniment for ‘The Crocodile and Five Cheeky Monkeys ‘story.


    The hand puppet is made with green coloured jute fabric. The top and tail of the crocodile is lined with padded green cotton fabric which has been hand embroidered to create the patterned effect.The inside of the snapping mouth is lined with red cotton fabric and the teeth, made from a stiffened material, line the upper and lower jaw. The eyes are hand appliqued with added hand embroidery for the pupils. As each and puppet is handmade, each one is unique. A story of the fair trade producer group accompanies each puppet.

    Dimensions of Puppet:

    Length approx. 38 cms ( excluding the tip of the tail which twists around).

    Widest point with legs included is approx. 19 cms.


    Handmade and purchased from the Fair Trade organization, YWCA Craft Centre, Bangladesh. See Producer Partners

    Producer Partner

    YWCA Craft Centre, Bangladesh

    Country Of Origin