Corr the Jute Works

Corr Jute Works

Corr the Jute Works was established in 1973 with the objective of providing work and an income to the poor rural women of Bangladesh. At present the Jute Works is assisting over 7000 women in sixteen districts of Bangladesh. The Jute Works is a self-supporting, non-profit, charitable organization that benefits rural women. With the opportunity to make craft and have markets for the craft, the women are empowered and have an income to help supplement the meagre family income.

Jute is the “Golden Fibre” of Bangladesh. It is a vegetable fibre derived from the bark of an annual reed like plant. The plant grows eight to ten feet high. Women use the thread from the jute plant to make a wonderful array of items including bags, toys, tablemats, home accessories and decorations. Craft is also made from other raw materials including bamboo, cane, clay and wood.