My Maths Jungle Fun Bag


My Maths Underwater Fun Bag

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My Maths Underwater Fun Bag

The maths underwater Bag is a fun and entertaining way for children to learn basic maths skills. In a hand embroidered drawstring bag are twelve embroidered squares.

The yellow mats represent odd numbers and the green coloured mats represent even numbers. Every mat has been hand embroidered with different underwater creatures. On one side of the mat is the underwater creatures  and the opposite side shows the written number and numerical number relevant to the underwater creatures.  There are also two mats with the embroidered plus and minus symbols.


Ideas For Fun Learning

  • Identifying with the different underwater creatures.
  • Number recognition


  • Understanding odd and even numbers
  • Simple addition and subtraction
  • Missing number recognition (leave one mat out and choose the appropriate number)


The hand embroidered drawstring bag keeps all the mats safe and easy to store.

Gentle cold wash.