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Snake Hand Puppet


Slithering, Sliding Snake can be cleverly worn on the top of the fore arm. The hand can be placed through the elastic loop on the snakes belly and then up into the snakes head.


With the movement of the hand and arm from side to side the snake will slither and slide .

S for Snake (Tune Do Re Me)

S for snake, a great big snake

R for when I run away

C for climb, the highest tree

A he’s still after me

J for when I go and jump

Ouch! I land upon a stump

N he’s almost caught me now

He is such a big, bad snake, snake, snake, snake…

(repeat a little faster)


The snake hand puppet is made with cotton fabric. The underbelly is in yellow. The eyes and spotted effect on the snake’s body have been hand appliquéd. The nose is hand embroidered. Red forked ribbon creates the tongue. Fully safe for children. A great asset for teachers and parents at story telling time. As every puppet is handmade, each one is unique.

Measurements of hand puppet:

Length is approx. 37 cms

Width at widest point( on the snakes head) is approx. 13 cms.


Hand made and purchased from the fair trade organization, YWCA Craft Centre, Bangladesh. See Producer Partners

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YWCA Craft Centre, Bangladesh