SHOHOJOGITA is a Bangladesh word that means “helping each other”. The principal vision of the organisation is to help the rural, poor, widowed, divorced and helpless women by creating employment for them. The concept basically came from the good feelings of love for the indigent people in the society.

SHOHOJOGITA is a non-profitable and non-government social development organization and under process of registration from the Social Welfare Department of the Government.

SHOHOJOGITA dreams to establish a free society from exploitation, oppression and injustice as well as a society, where each individual will be able to live in peace, harmony and also fair share of resources belonging to the community.

The producers love receiving craft orders and when the women earn from their craft work, they are able to spend this money on books, pencils, school fees, medicine, clothing and food.

If there is no work in craft production, the women will help their husbands, brothers or sons in the paddy fields, which is hard, physical work.