Dear Zoo


Dear Zoo

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Dear Zoo

Lion is too fierce. Camel is too grumpy. Monkey is too naughty. But there’s one pet that is perfect – and now you can keep him for real. Each repetitive refrain running through the text- ‘So they sent me a… He was too… I sent him back’ – enables some comparison and talk about the two different languages and not just in early years classes- year 3/4 children would find it fascinating to try to match some of the Albanian text to the English!

A very well produced dual-language version of Rod Campbell’s lift-the-flap book that has remained a firm favourite in early years. The layout of the book with its superb bold illustrations and lots of space around both language texts, makes for an excellent reader-friendly dual language book.

Available in Russian, Spanish and Urdu with English.

Size 16.8cm x 16.8 cm.