Small World Play

Small World Play

We’ve all been entertained and fascinated as we watch young children create their own “small world”, acting out scenarios with all kinds of props, from a doll’s house or toy cars and trains, puppets and sandpit play, even to rocks and sticks they can use to create an environment.

Small World Play has many benefits, including:

  • Increasing imagination and creativity: enhancing story telling skills.
  • Language development;  playing different characters, and being the author of the action, which develops early skills in  language and literacy.
  • Problem solving skills – working through issues between characters
  • Learning cause and effect – having complete control over what happens within the scene created, children can begin to see results to certain actions.
  • Developing independent play skills

Over the years, we have sought to include resources to enhance these skills, and have an extensive range of hand and finger puppets, persona dolls and cotton animal toys.  These can be found under the headings “Puppets”, “Cotton Toys”.

Into this mix, we have now included a range of multicultural village sets, indigenous bush tucker sets and small dolls, garden creatures and other resources to launch little imaginations into creating their own special world.   The village sets opens up an opportunity of introducing a healthy world view, as children learn to relate to different cultures within their own created story.

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