Greek Mykonos Village Set


Greek Mykonos Village Set

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Greek Mykonos Village Set

Bring the Greek Mykonos Village alive with this unique eight piece setting. A wonderful multicultural educational resource depicting the traditional whitewashed walls and blue painted doors, windows and balconies of the home, church and boat house in the Greek seaside village. The bougainvillea flowers make a bright contrast against the white walls.

The Greek family are wearing ornate traditional ceremonial costumes.

The back of the house, church and boat shed are open so the setting pieces can be stored neatly when not in use.

The height of house measures approx. 19cms,width 14cms and depth 11cms. The domed shaped church has a height of approx. 16cms.

The boatshed has a height of approx.. 13cms.

The Mother and Father dolls have a height of approx. 13cms and the children a height of approx. 9.5cms. The doll’s faces are hand painted.

The boat completes the relaxing image of the seaside setting of the Greek Mykonos Village.


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